About Us

Gift-giving is personal. Like southern hospitality, it is meant to make a person feel special. It is that “little something extra” that shows that you took the time and effort to plan the perfect gift. That gift may be an expression of love … of gratitude … of friendship. Whatever the reason, you have the ability to express your feelings in a stylish, beautiful and unique way when you choose a personalized gift.

We have taken great care to offer our customers the absolute best quality, selection and price so that your gift choice will reflect your own sense of style and personality.

We invite you to browse our store where you will find the perfect gift; with a personalized touch of course!

Janet Davis


Who are we?

My name is Janet Davis, and I have always had the “creative bug”. As a wife and mother of two, I was rarely without opportunities to put that creative side to work. Whether it was sewing custom drapes, making nursery bedding, or designing Halloween costumes, there was always a project or two going on. When my children grew older, I decided to turn that creative focus into a business. This was the beginning of Miss Lillie Designs. It has been a wonderful exciting experience and I want to share that excitement with you: our customers. We are very thankful for you and are so happy that you have decided to come along with us for the ride!

Our Name

Miss Lillie Designs was named after my paternal grandmother, Lillie Ione McGee. When Lillie was young, my grandfather died suddenly, leaving her with kids and a farm to run. She was plunged into life as a female businesswoman and had to work in what had always been considered a man’s world. The farm hands always said that when they saw “Miss Lillie” coming with her hat on, they knew to get busy because she meant business!

It’s a curious thing about ancestors – they can teach us lessons even after their deaths. From my grandmother’s example, I know that when life throws me curve balls, I have to put on my “Miss Lillie” hat and get on with it. Hopefully, I’ve got enough of her in me to do just that!