Wubbanub Pacifier



WubbaNub pacifiers will bring a smile to your baby’s face. They are the perfect size for little hands to hold onto. The unique style of the WubbaNub pacifier allows it to remain close and easily positioned by the baby. Made with a Soothie medical grade, latex free pacifier, non-toxic polyethylene pellets. The durable one-piece construction means no germs hiding between cracks so the pacifier stays cleaner. Carefully calculated weight and size of the plush animal keeps the WubbaNub Pacifier near baby’s mouth, whether in the car seat, baby sling, carrier and stroller and even while you hold your baby.

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Additional information

Wubbanub Pacifier Styles

Afrique Lion, Cutsie Caterpillar, Ella Bella, Little Stretch Giraffe, Mango Monkey, Oakey Dokie Dino, Oatmeal Bunny